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Stolen Continent
Bomb Sharpnel
Footprint in the Snow
Manditory Mongrel
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About Me

Relentless in his search for vengence for a crime that can never be repaid...

Name: Benji Shukiro
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Spikey dark blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, muscular and relatively tall, intense green eyes.
Personality: Benji is generally a kind person though events in his past have made him quite defensive and some times even cold. He enjoys his own company and has few but close friends. His temper has been known to get the better of him as his hatred for those who have hurt him is an unstoppable force.
Sexuality: Bisexual
History: When his lover was bruetally slain before his very eyes Benji lost it big time. He felt the only reason he had now to live was so that he might avenge Akito by slaughtering those who had so callously cut open his partner's throat and thrown the warm corpse to the floor of their shared home. With a small sense of resolution instilled within his turbulent mind the hate filled man set off to the pristine white building near the centre of the capital, a knife clentched in his hand and a gun held tauntly by the material of his back pocket, and entered the stronghold of the Lord's Shepards.
Defying their vast numbers, tight security and sheer logic he spred pools of blood across their perfect marble floors and when he finally dragged their leader out of the hiding place in which he cowered he beat him to death with his bare fists.
(flee, saved by Equin. mem o BS)
First Appearnce: Early chapter one

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