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Stolen Continent
Bomb Sharpnel
Footprint in the Snow
Manditory Mongrel
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Conceptual Pieces

Stuff that I'm currently thinking about / working on

This is where I put work that I'm either in the planning stages or very early into. Some of this stuff will probably die long before I get to a stage where I'm willing to post it any where so don't hold you breath for a release date. However, if I do get a large amount of support for a particular piece it will definatily motivate me to do more work on it and even perhaps to make it  avalible on a website.


Pepper Koko


Shadow Moon: Story: As dark magic spread across the world, corrupting even those who had sworn allegance to the path of purity, the hopelessness of the situation became apparent. Mother Moon gave one last hope to the world before turning her back to it, a book; containing all things that had or would soon be lost to the world as the teneborous foes claimed all of creation as their's.

Unfinished preview of Shadow Moon art work

Shadow Moon proto-banner


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