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Paper Lotus Productions

Stolen Continent
Bomb Sharpnel
Footprint in the Snow
Manditory Mongrel
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About Me

Level headed, determined and a master mathematician

Name: Dianne Rosavelt
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: About 1.6 meters in height, curvacious, usually dressed in casual samrt clothing, rich brown hair that skims her mid back, often seen wearin sun glasses, eye colour a startling blue, femininly strong.
Personality: Logical, determined, mostly cheerful, forgiving and understanding, .
Skills: A geneius when it comes to numbers and stratergy, in Bomb Shrapnel she is second only to Equinox when it comes to millitary planning.
Sexuality: Bisexual
History: Dianne was rasied in a family that, considering the lack of oppertunities for ethnic minorities, was quite well off due to her father's knack in the stock market and good money management skills. Even from a young age she aspired to achieve her full potential and finished primary school with exceptional grades. But, unable to look past the colour of her skin and see true tallent she was refused entry to all sixty of the secondary schools she applied to and, though frustrated and upset, she resolved to teach herself; going to the libary each day to study subjects that were far beyond the level of most children her age. At the age of eighteen she decided to try to find a job but once again her race and the pathetic perceptions of the people she came across pushed her down.
She eventually did find work... in a fast food outlet. For three years she worked there, brooding and dreaming of the achievements she could have made had she been given the opertunity. By chance it so happened that an elite member of the military who had recently publically executed a high ranking member of Bomb Shrapnel came in to the building she was working in, muttered about the state of the place and grumpily went off to use the bathroom. When he returned a young man sitting at the table fired a shot squarely through his head, killing him instantly. Instinctively she ran after the man and barely missed getting shot herself as she caught up to him, thinking that she had come to try and stop him.
She begged him to take her with him, so bored was she of the mundane life presented to her in the current world. Reluntantly he agreed though emphasized that if she tried anything funny she would die too. She was taken to BS head quarters where they quickly recognised her strong drive and powerful intellect. Here she finally managed to put her skills to use and find her true self without the misconceptions of others to worry about. 
First Appearnce: Around the middle of chapter one.

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