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Paper Lotus Productions

Stolen Continent
Bomb Sharpnel
Footprint in the Snow
Manditory Mongrel
Works under progress...
About Me

While his master lay in slumber he did what any good minion would do; he spread terror and partied!

Name: Xenon
Age: 9769
Gender: Male
Personality: Cruel, can switch moods in a blink of a second, dark, sadistic, independant.
First Appearnce: Chapter Two
Quote: At first it puzzled him and he did not know whether he had been out in the hot rays of the sun for too long, but after a few moments a dull sense of recognition crept through the confusion and he grinned, the sharp tips of his teeth in clear view.


He let his spirit energy rush out of his back like ethereal wings launching him into the air. After all these years his ally had found a way of breaking the seal after all! ‘The Blood Lord has returned.’ He thought, laughing manically.

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