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Paper Lotus Productions

Stolen Continent
Bomb Sharpnel
Footprint in the Snow
Manditory Mongrel
Works under progress...
About Me

Cruel and proud, blessed with unimaginable strength... and in desperate need of care

Name: Alfasetio
Age: Infinate
Gender: Male
Appearance: Long crimson red hair, emerald eyes, snow white skin, slight build with delicte features, always looks pissed off.
Personality: Mildly narcisist, proud, cruel, pragmatic.
First Appearnce: Prologue
Quote: ‘What are you thinking? Are you not Alphasetio, the bringer of pestilence and death across the eighteen kingdoms? Fear is not befitting of such a beautiful and magnificent creature, you must not dwell on such thoughts any longer. Think instead of the satisfaction you will have after torturing this man for several days before ripping his head from his shoulders and painting the walls with his filthy blood.’

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